Video: The Relationship

About a man who’s pleading with a woman to stay in a relationship. He realizes this is useless and has to reluctantly move on Advertisements

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So You Wanna Be A Babymama!?!?

Another girl lost Turned out and exploited by business suits White tee’s and skinny jeans Tapers, fades locs, and braids We need to be more conscious of how our daughters are raised Righteous steps Stress vocabulary Begin with “Like-A-Lady” How they should carry Don’t pick up… …committing sins All too easy when coming in contact […]

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Jah X El is a guy who has experienced a lot in life. The difference between the majority of men and him, is that he has applied the wisdom he’s learned in his every day life.

Independently published three books of poetry, that range from all subjects of life. (more…)

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